Tara Oceans Data: Properties of seawater and particulate & dissolved matter from discrete water samples.

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dc.contributor.author Picheral, Marc
dc.contributor.author Searson, Sarah
dc.contributor.author Taillandier, Vincent
dc.contributor.author Bricaud, Annick
dc.contributor.author Boss, Emmanuel
dc.contributor.author Ras, Josephine
dc.contributor.author Claustre, Hervé
dc.contributor.author Ouhssain, Mustapha
dc.contributor.author Morin, Pascal
dc.contributor.author Coppola, Laurent
dc.contributor.author Gattuso, Jean-Pierre
dc.contributor.author Metzl, Nicolas
dc.contributor.author Thuillier, Doris
dc.contributor.author Gorsky, Gabriel
dc.contributor.author Tara Oceans Consortium, Coordinators
dc.contributor.author Tara Oceans Expedition, Participants
dc.coverage.spatial MEDIAN LATITUDE: 71.011100 * MEDIAN LONGITUDE: 38.703900 * SOUTH-BOUND LATITUDE: 71.005400 * WEST-BOUND LONGITUDE: 38.694200 * NORTH-BOUND LATITUDE: 71.016800 * EAST-BOUND LONGITUDE: 38.713600 * DATE/TIME START: 2013-06-30T05:47:23 * DATE/TIME END: 2013-06-30T06:13:00 * MINIMUM DEPTH, water: 1.9210 m * MAXIMUM DEPTH, water: 107.9740 m
dc.date.accessioned 2019-11-26T04:00:27Z
dc.date.available 2019-11-26T04:00:27Z
dc.date.issued 2014-11-21
dc.identifier https://doi.pangaea.de/10.1594/PANGAEA.839270
dc.identifier https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.839270
dc.identifier.citation Picheral, Marc; et al. (in prep.): Tara Oceans Data: Properties of seawater and particulate & dissolved matter from discrete water samples. Scientific Data
dc.identifier.uri https://repository.geologyscience.ru/handle/123456789/8078
dc.description.abstract The Tara Oceans Expedition (2009-2013) was a global survey of ocean ecosystems aboard the Sailing Vessel Tara. It carried out extensive measurements of evironmental conditions and collected plankton (viruses, bacteria, protists and metazoans) for later analysis using modern sequencing and state-of-the-art imaging technologies. Tara Oceans Data are particularly suited to study the genetic, morphological and functional diversity of plankton. The present data set includes properties of seawater, particulate matter and dissolved matter that were measured from discrete water samples collected with Niskin bottles during the 2009-2013 Tara Oceans expedition. Properties include pigment concentrations from HPLC analysis (10 depths per vertical profile, 25 pigments per depth), the carbonate system (Surface and 400m; pH (total scale), CO2, pCO2, fCO2, HCO3, CO3, Total alkalinity, Total carbon, OmegaAragonite, OmegaCalcite, and dosage Flags), nutrients (10 depths per vertical profile; NO2, PO4, N02/NO3, SI, quality Flags), DOC, CDOM, and dissolved oxygen isotopes. The Service National d'Analyse des Paramètres Océaniques du CO2, at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, determined CT and AT potentiometrically. More than 200 vertical profiles of these properties were made across the world ocean. DOC, CDOM and dissolved oxygen isotopes are available only for the Arctic Ocean and Arctic Seas (2013).
dc.format text/tab-separated-values, 123 data points
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher PANGAEA
dc.relation Pesant, Stephane; Tara Oceans Consortium, Coordinators; et al. (in prep.): Methodological and environmental context of Tara Oceans samples. Scientific Data
dc.relation Picheral, Marc; et al. (in prep.): Tara Oceans Data: Properties of seawater and particulate & dissolved matter from discrete water samples. Scientific Data
dc.relation Picheral, Marc; Searson, Sarah; Taillandier, Vincent; Bricaud, Annick; Boss, Emmanuel; Ras, Josephine; Claustre, Hervé; Ouhssain, Mustapha; Morin, Pascal; Tremblay, Jean-Éric; Coppola, Laurent; Gattuso, Jean-Pierre; Metzl, Nicolas; Thuillier, Doris; Gorsky, Gabriel; Tara Oceans Consortium, Coordinators; Tara Oceans Expedition, Participants (2014): Vertical profiles of environmental parameters measured on discrete water samples collected with Niskin bottles during the Tara Oceans expedition 2009-2013. https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.836319
dc.relation Edmond, John M (1970): High precision determination of titration alkalinity and total carbon dioxide content of sea water by potentiometric titration. Deep Sea Research, 17(4), 737-750, https://doi.org/10.1016/0011-7471(70)90038-0
dc.relation Nisumaa, Anne-Marin; Pesant, Stephane; Bellerby, Richard G J; Delille, Bruno; Middelburg, Jack J; Orr, James C; Riebesell, Ulf; Tyrrell, Toby; Wolf-Gladrow, Dieter A; Gattuso, Jean-Pierre (2010): EPOCA/EUR-OCEANS data compilation on the biological and biogeochemical responses to ocean acidification. Earth System Science Data, 2(2), 167-175, https://doi.org/10.5194/essd-2-167-2010
dc.relation Pesant, Stephane; Hook, Leslie Alan; Lowry, Roy K; Moncoiffé, Gwenaëlle; Nisumaa, Anne-Marin; Pfeil, Benjamin (2010): Safeguarding and sharing Ocean Acidification Data. In: Riebesell U., Fabry V. J., Hansson L. & Gattuso J.-P. (eds.), Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 260 pp.
dc.relation.isbasedon Pesant, Stephane; Not, Fabrice; Picheral, Marc; Kandels-Lewis, Stefanie; Le Bescot, Noan; Gorsky, Gabriel; Iudicone, Daniele; Karsenti, Eric; Speich, Sabrina; Troublé, Romain; Dimier, Céline; Searson, Sarah; Acinas, Silvia G; Bork, Peer; Boss, Emmanuel; Bowler, Chris; De Vargas, Colomban; Follows, Michael J; Grimsley, Nigel; Hingamp, Pascal; Jaillon, Olivier; Karp-Boss, Lee; Krzic, Uros; Ogata, Hiroyuki; Raes, Jeroen; Reynaud G., Emmanuel; Sardet, Christian; Sieracki, Michael; Stemmann, Lars; Sullivan, Matthew B; Sunagawa, Shinichi; Velayoudon, Didier; Weissenbach, Jean; Wincker, Patrick (2015): Open science resources for the discovery and analysis of Tara Oceans data. Scientific Data, 2, 150023, https://doi.org/10.1038/sdata.2015.23
dc.rights CC-BY-3.0: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
dc.rights Access constraints: unrestricted
dc.subject [RVSS]
dc.subject 19-Butanoyloxyfucoxanthin
dc.subject 19-Hexanoyloxyfucoxanthin
dc.subject 6=below detection limit
dc.subject 1=good sample (Picheral et al. 2014)
dc.subject Alloxanthin
dc.subject Bacteriochlorophyll a
dc.subject Basis of event
dc.subject Bottle number
dc.subject Campaign of event
dc.subject Carotene
dc.subject Chlorophyll a
dc.subject Chlorophyll a, total
dc.subject Chlorophyll b
dc.subject Chlorophyll b plus divinyl chlorophyll b
dc.subject Chlorophyll c1+c2
dc.subject Chlorophyll c3
dc.subject Chlorophyllide a
dc.subject Comment of event
dc.subject Conductivity
dc.subject Date/Time of event
dc.subject Density, sigma-theta (0)
dc.subject DEPTH, water
dc.subject derived from CTD, SEA-BIRD
dc.subject Device of event
dc.subject Diadinoxanthin
dc.subject Diatoxanthin
dc.subject Divinyl chlorophyll a
dc.subject Divinyl chlorophyll b
dc.subject File name
dc.subject Fondation Tara Expeditions
dc.subject FondTara
dc.subject Fucoxanthin
dc.subject High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
dc.subject Lutein
dc.subject Murmansk to Dudinka, Stations: TARA_167-181
dc.subject Neoxanthin
dc.subject Nitrate and Nitrite
dc.subject Nitrite
dc.subject Optional event label
dc.subject Peridinin
dc.subject Phaeophorbide a
dc.subject Phaeophytin a
dc.subject Phosphate
dc.subject Prasinoxanthin
dc.subject Pressure, water
dc.subject Quality flag
dc.subject Rosette Vertical Sampling System
dc.subject Salinity
dc.subject Silicate
dc.subject Station label
dc.subject SV Tara
dc.subject TARA_20130629Z
dc.subject TARA_20130630T0549Z_167_EVENT_CAST
dc.subject Tara Oceans Expedition
dc.subject Temperature, water
dc.subject Temperature, water, potential
dc.subject TOE-2009-2013
dc.subject URI of event
dc.subject Violaxanthin
dc.subject Zeaxanthin
dc.title Tara Oceans Data: Properties of seawater and particulate & dissolved matter from discrete water samples.
dc.title.alternative Vertical profiles of environmental parameters measured on discrete water samples collected with Niskin bottles at station TARA_167 during the Tara Oceans expedition 2009-2013
dc.type Dataset

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